SÉCURE+ removable fences meet applicable provincial standards. With where without installation, the choice is yours

About us

Pool fence installation since 1986

Clôtures amovibles SÉCURE+TM is your trusted installation specialist. Since 1986, we have helped thousands of families to fully enjoy their outdoor space with peace of mind by installing quality pool fencing. In 2016, we created SÉCURE+TM removable fences: an attractive, durable and safe product that delights all our customers with an in-ground pool.

Because we value your satisfaction and want to ensure the safety of your children, we offer personalized service, the best price on the removable fence market, an unmatched product and installation, and very fast installation times.

We have been experts in concrete drilling for over 35 years and are equipped with ultramodern high-precision drills. We do our work with utmost respect for your landscaping and our installation work is guaranteed for life.