SÉCURE+ removable fences meet applicable provincial standards. With where without installation, the choice is yours


The SÉCURE+TM warranty

SÉCURE+TM fences are covered by a limited five-year warranty as of the installation date. Our fences are designed to withstand winter weather conditions in Quebec. However, Clôtures amovibles SÉCURE+TM cannot guarantee against breakage resulting from excessive snow cover, snow propelled from snow-removal machinery or significant ice accumulation. The warranty does not apply to extreme wind situations, storms, tornados or any other natural disaster.

This warranty shall become void if the removable fence is exposed to chemicals or sea salt; if it is installed in a non-recommended environment; if it is damaged by animals, lawn trimmers, accidents or vandalism; or if the lattice mesh is partially submerged or buried. Damage resulting from any use other than around a residential pool or from any use that does not comply with the manufacturer’s regulations is not covered by the warranty.

The automatic self-closing hinge system and the Magna LatchTM Series 3 hinge have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. The warranty has the same limitations as those mentioned above.

This warranty applies to the original buyer and is non-transferrable.

The original buyer must immediately advise their supplier in writing of any breakage or manufacturing defect in the product.

SÉCURE+TM is a registered Canadian trademark.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this warranty.

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